Nathan chantob


Despite having received his training as an illustrator and painter in Belgium, Nathan Chantob is above all inspired by art of the street. Given this interdisciplinary background and an unconventional impetus, Chantob renders an artistic identity that is fiercely authentic, compelling, and emotionally evocative. Fascinated by the allure of the unknown, Chantob is further influenced by the likes of Egon Schiele, Lucian Freud, and Edvard Munch.

Throughout his practice, Nathan Chantob works tirelessly to create works that simultaneously challenge and captivate the viewer. He does so by creating portraits that render an unforgettable artistic interaction between the artist and the viewer. In attempt to preserve the artistic integrity of his work from the pervading need for intellectual validation of the art world,  Chantob refrains from entertaining any political theorization about his art. Combining different techniques and using a variety of materials, Nathan Chantob plays with rules and other conventions to paint works that speak directly to the heart.

Chantob is most interested in humanity. In this, his works seek to explore the interconnectivity of human interaction that transcends spoken language. This fascination can be likened to Chantob’s belief that the artist likes to think from his head to his brush, which in turn relays a sense of immediacy in a work. “Some” however, he specifies prior to beginning his work through analytical drawing. Chantob considers design to be an integral  part of his life. He draws on any medium and with whatever comes to hand.