David Law is an independent photographer living in Paris. His one man shows have covered various themes such as Girls in Town or Pretty Dolls. David's specialty is shooting portraits showcased in reflective surfaces like water, plastic or mirrors. His gear of choice is the Nikon D90, using the ad 300 mm wide angle.

David loves the fashion world, and with his lens captures window mannequins staring back at us and observing our lives from their enclosed displays. In these dream like shots, he combines the store windows reflection and the mannequins lifeless glares, integrating the surrounding city scenery in the process. The photographs are taken in one shot, through actual store windows or pieces of glass to mimic that context. The set up makes for a very particular atmosphere and makes David a witness to this elusive aspect of Parisian life. 

His unique combination of lifeless mannequins trapped in their windows and the bustling city outside is captivating. These mysterious images are both striking and haunting. No one can stay indifferent to the deep eroticism emanating from these cold and perfect creatures, especially once staged in a hazy city. David's one of a kind approach brings out of each of us the deep seeded fantasy of unattainable beauty by combining poetry and meaningless futility.